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Earl Bowl Lanes

  Name: Earl Bowl Lanes  
  Address: 390 Morwood Raod  
  City: Earlington  
  State: PA  
  Zip: 18918  
  Phone: (215) 723-9130  
  Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm Everyday  
  Lanes: 34  
  Lane Type: Synthetic  
  Pro Shop: Yes  
  Food: Snack Bar  
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Earl Bowl Lanes
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Comment Date: 4/30/2012 Name: Michael levin
I am extremely aggregated with the employee who closes the alley (John). I have been coming to the alley once or twice a year as an extracurricular for about 14 years. 7 weeks ago I have just picked it up as a regular hobby where I come once or twice a week. As far as I understand your alley closes at 11 pm . John makes his own hrs and has told me to come back another time due to his personal convenience. The first time I arrived at 10:15PM on a wednesday and he couldn't except me because everything was cleaned up, his drawer, was counted, and he was finishing watching a movie...real professional. Let alone he was very rude.The business was very slow that night so I understood a little more then this recent night 4-30-12. I arrived at 9:00 when leagues were finishing up and seen there were open lanes. once again I ask for a lane and johns response is " Tonight's not a goodnight I'm not staying late come back tomorrow and I'll have lanes." Where's the professionalism? I wish at my job I could make my own hours. With the convenience of the location due to where I live I'd like to keep returning but with the lack of customer service and the ignorance I may drive the extra distance to feel welcomed. If I am any importance to you guys I'd like feedback on this message or me and my friends will go elsewhere. My cell number is {**Note** Sorry, no personal phone numbers allowed - Please call the bowling center directly. B2U Staff}. Thank you

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